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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

We are a reliable source of social media services and aims to render the best services to our valued customers. We provide real and quality services to our customers. These terms and condition bonds us supplier and to our customers, this serves as our mutual agreement as an integral part of our business. As our customers, we recommend you spare some time to read our terms and condition before purchasing our services.

In using the services we offer, you commit to all terms and conditions set in this agreement. In addition to your understanding and fulfilling the said terms and conditions, here is the list of general guidelines for the use of this website:

We do not confirm the completeness of the information, text, graphics, links and other items contained within these materials. We shall not hold any responsibility resulting from the use of information found in our website.

Upon reading this, it is understandable that you accept any error that may occur in this website’s content. We are not responsible for any intention that you may have for the information found in our site.
We will promise 100 percent money back if there are failures and errors in your purchased order.

Compensations are not allowed when orders are already completely processed. If a chargeback or dispute is opened on a completed order we have the right to revoke all services we rendered from your account.

We hold back the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you with immediate effect. If you don’t agree to the applicable change, we suggest you to terminate the services with us with 14 days notice. By using this site, you agreed to be bound by the current changes of these Terms and Conditions.

Take note, we can declare damages and/or illegal offense to any unauthorized usage of this site. We own the complete intellectual property right to all content and other visual elements on the website. Information contained to this website may not be used, copied or distorted unless you ask a full approval from us.