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The Power of Social Media


Since the first internet site went online in 1990, this electronically connected platform has grown in leaps and bounds. While at that time there were hardly any Blog posts and SEO was still unheard of, we now live in an age where we literally cannot live without the internet, and businesses have to consult experts like BrightEdge to remain on the forefront in what is a cut throat competition to remain as high up as possible in the SEO engines.

The internet also redefined how people traded their goods or services. While I can imagine that every exterminator in those days had to go from door to door asking if anyone required their services, that is now no longer necessary as with a simple click, anyone who requires this service is connected to Fox Pest Control solving this problem at the comfort of their house.

However, the biggest change that the internet brought into our lives is by introducing us to the world of social media. The rest is simply history! These days, your importance is measured with how many Facebook and Twitter followers you have. I am sorry but if you don’t have any Instagram following to back your celebrity claims, you will find it very hard to convince anyone to take you seriously.

From being mere platforms to create friendships and to remain in contact, social media has become a powerful tool that now dictates how we do business. Show me the followers and I will feel more comfortable trading with you. It’s as simple as that. It does not matter how good you are but if you keep ignoring the platform that social media offers, I am afraid you will still lag behind and probably by the time you recognize your mistake, your competitors will be so far ahead that it will be quite a task to catch up. Even the best website developers like www.excida.com will tell you that social media increases the chance of reaching out to that client in search of a real estate website builder.

At SocialSuppliers, we offer you a chance to work with the most trusted social media supplier in the web. We have fantastic packages that will help you increase your internet following and with it, your online presence. Try us and thank us later when your following translates into increased sales, better brand reputation and a genuine cutting edge in the market.


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